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At CG Legal Group, our Brisbane Conveyancing Lawyer takes pride in being your trusted partner for all property-related legal matters. Our team of dedicated conveyancers and solicitors is experts in the field, ensuring a smooth and stress-free property transaction experience in Queensland.

Conveyancing Brisbane | Experts in Property Conveyancing in Brisbane

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At CG Legal – Expert Brisbane conveyancing solicitors, we understand that buying or selling a property is a significant milestone, and we are here to ensure that the process is as smooth and stress-free as possible. 

Efficient Conveyancing Brisbane Services at CG Legal

Fixed Fee Conveyancing

We are pleased to offer you the following ALL INCLUSIVE rates:

New South Wales Conveyancing:
  • Purchase: $935.00
  • Sale: $1,045.00
  • Commercial: $1,200.00
  • Off the Plan: $1,250.00
  • Transfer: $550.00
Queensland Conveyancing:
  • Purchase: $935.00
  • Sale: $715.00
  • Commercial: $1,500.00
  • Off the Plan: $1,250.00
  • Transfer: $550.00

Please note the above amounts listed are for our professional fees only and they are inclusive of GST and are fixed fee. Outlays including searches and PEXA fees are additional.


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  • No Hidden Costs
  • Experienced Solicitors
  • Strategic Advice

The Conveyancing Process

Our Range of Conveyancing Services

Conveyancing Brisbane: Our conveyancers are well-versed in Brisbane’s property market, providing you with top-notch service and a deep understanding of local property values.

Expert Conveyancing Solicitors: Our experienced team of conveyancing solicitors in Brisbane is committed to safeguarding your property interests and rights.

Conveyancer Services: We offer comprehensive conveyancer services in Brisbane, handling every aspect of your property transaction.

Property Law Specialists: When it comes to property law, our lawyers for conveyancing are well-equipped to address your needs, ensuring all legal aspects are covered.

Commercial Property: Our expertise extends to commercial property, offering tailored solutions for businesses seeking to buy or sell property in Brisbane.

Legal Services: In addition to conveyancing, we provide a wide range of legal services, ensuring your property transaction is fully supported from start to finish.

Off-the-Plan Conveyancing: For those interested in off-the-plan purchases, our Brisbane conveyancing service is your go-to choice. We handle contract review, negotiation, and the entire registration process.

Why Choose CG Legal Group Conveyancer Services

Comprehensive Expertise: Our team encompasses a range of specialists, including Brisbane Conveyancing Lawyers, Solicitors, and Conveyancers. This diversity in expertise ensures that all aspects of your property transaction are expertly covered.

Local Knowledge: With a deep understanding of Brisbane’s property market and property values, we provide insights that are indispensable when making informed decisions. Our local expertise sets us apart.

Legal Excellence: Our team of experienced conveyancing solicitors is not only committed to safeguarding your rights but also dedicated to ensuring a smooth property transaction. They have an in-depth understanding of property law in Queensland, making them your trusted legal partners.

Transparent Conveyancing Services: We believe in transparency and offer a clear breakdown of our conveyancing fees from the outset. This approach ensures you have a complete understanding of the costs associated with our services, leaving no room for surprises.

Holistic Legal Support: Our expertise extends beyond conveyancing. We provide a wide range of legal services, giving you comprehensive support throughout your property transaction. Whether you need advice on property law or assistance with other legal aspects, we’ve got you covered.

Experts in Property Conveyancing in Brisbane

Our experienced team of conveyancers is here to guide you through the process of creating a comprehensive estate plan that reflects your unique wishes and safeguards your assets for generations to come.

Property Purchase

Assisting buyers in the legal process of purchasing residential or commercial properties, including conducting title searches, reviewing contracts, and facilitating property transfers.

Property Sale

Providing legal guidance to sellers in the process of selling their residential or commercial properties, preparing contracts, and ensuring a smooth transfer of ownership.

Contract Review and Negotiation

Reviewing property contracts, identifying potential issues or risks, and negotiating favorable terms and conditions on behalf of buyers or sellers.

Title Searches and Due Diligence

Conducting thorough searches on the property's title, certificates, encumbrances, and conducting due diligence to identify any potential legal issues or concerns.

Preparation and Lodgement of Legal Documents

Drafting and preparing legal documents, including contracts of sale, transfer documents, settlement statements, and other necessary paperwork.

Liaising with Relevant Parties

Acting as an intermediary between buyers, sellers, real estate agents, financial institutions, and other parties involved in the conveyancing process to ensure a smooth and timely transaction.

Stamp Duty and Taxation

Calculating stamp duty and other applicable taxes, such as goods and services tax (GST), and ensuring compliance with relevant taxation requirements.

Settlement and Property Transfer

Facilitating the settlement process, coordinating with all parties involved, attending settlement meetings, and ensuring the transfer of funds and legal ownership.

Off-the-Plan Conveyancing

Assisting buyers or developers in the conveyancing process for properties purchased off-the-plan, including reviewing contracts, negotiating terms, and managing the registration process.

Conveyancing Brisbane | Experts in Property Conveyancing in Brisbane

Conveyancing for Sellers in Brisbane: Expert Guidance and Legal Support

When it’s time to sell your property in Brisbane Qld, navigating the complex world of property transactions requires expert assistance.

Our dedicated team of Brisbane conveyancing solicitors has you covered, ensuring a legally sound and hassle-free sale while prioritising your rights and interests throughout the process.

The process of conveyancing for sellers

If you are in the process of selling a property, we will:

Evaluate Your Sales Contract: We can assess your draft contract before you sign it, providing advice on its terms and highlighting any unfavorable conditions.

Keep You Informed About Deadlines: If the buyer is satisfied with the contract’s conditions, we will keep you updated on critical deadlines. In case we don’t receive notice from the buyer by the due date for a condition, we will inform you of your legal rights based on the contract’s terms.

Prepare You for the Settlement: If the contract becomes unconditional, we will send you the necessary Transfer Documents for execution, along with instructions on how to proceed. If you are located overseas, we will also inform you about any additional requirements for execution. We will request the buyer’s search results, calculate the settlement figures, communicate with your existing mortgage provider to arrange settlement, and request the loan payout figure.

Assist in the Settlement Completion: We will liaise with the Real Estate Agent to confirm the payment of the deposit and check if any commission is due at settlement. If the settlement is scheduled in the Brisbane CBD, we will be present during the settlement. For regional settlements, we will arrange for a Settlement Agent to be present. We will notify your Real Estate Agent once the settlement is successfully completed and authorize the release of the remaining deposit to you, minus the Agent’s commission.

Manage the Sales Proceeds from Settlement: If cheques are received for the sales proceeds during the settlement, we will promptly deposit them into your designated account.

Please let us know if you require any further assistance or clarification throughout the conveyancing process.

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We are pleased to offer you our conveyancing services at the following costs:

    Commercial: $1,500.00

Please note the above amounts listed are for our professional fees only and they are inclusive of GST and are fixed fee.  Outlays including searches and PEXA fees are additional.

Please email us for a FREE CONTRACT REVIEW.

Conveyancing Brisbane | Experts in Property Conveyancing in Brisbane

Conveyancing for Buyers in Brisbane: Expert Guidance and Legal Support

Our Conveyancing Solicitor Brisbane are dedicated to safeguarding your property purchase. We act in your best interests, ensuring a smooth, legally sound property transfer. If you’re securing financing, we collaborate with your bank to ensure a timely Settlement.

The process of conveyancing for buyers

When you’re buying a property, we’ve got you covered:

Contract Review: We provide peace of mind by reviewing your draft contract before you sign it. We’ll advise you on the terms and alert you to any adverse conditions.

Deadline Management: We help you stay on top of key due dates, providing timely reminders when contract conditions are due. We also keep you informed about Settlement progress.

Title Searches: We perform comprehensive Title searches on your behalf, ensuring no changes have occurred to the Title since you entered the contract.

First Home Buyers: For first-time buyers, we offer advice on stamp duty concessions and assist in the preparation of necessary forms.

Settlement Preparation: If the contract becomes unconditional, we’ll prepare the necessary documents, calculate settlement figures, and work with your financier, if applicable. You can trust us with handling Settlement funds efficiently.

Settlement Assistance: We attend Settlement personally in Brisbane CBD or arrange for a Settlement Agent regionally. Once completed, we notify the Real Estate Agent and ensure everything is up to date.

Ownership Transfer: We ensure the smooth transfer of ownership, either by lodging Transfer Documents or coordinating with your financier.

Body Corporate Liaison: If you’re purchasing within a community management scheme, such as a unit or townhouse, we handle the necessary notifications to the Body Corporate to update the roll.

Rest assured, with our expertise and dedicated support, your property purchase will proceed smoothly and efficiently.

Proficient in Property Conveyancing Services

When it comes to buying or selling property, be it residential property or commercial property, you’re stepping into one of the most significant transactions you’ll ever undertake.

It can also be a rather daunting process, particularly if you lack the necessary legal expertise. Property transactions involve numerous intricacies that can quickly overwhelm the unprepared. This is precisely why it’s crucial to enlist the services of a knowledgeable, trustworthy conveyancer who genuinely has your best interests in mind.

This is where CG Legal Group Conveyancing Brisbane excels. We specialise in all facets of property conveyancing in Brisbane, Queensland, and are dedicated to ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring ownership of a property from one party to another. It encompasses tasks like document preparation and review, conducting searches, communication with all involved parties in the sale or purchase, and ensuring that all necessary legal procedures are carried out correctly. It also includes verifying that there are no outstanding debts or encumbrances on the property.

What Does the Conveyancing Process Involve? The conveyancing process may vary slightly depending on whether you are buying or selling a property, but there are consistent key steps, including:

  • Reviewing the sales contract
  • Arranging building and pest inspections
  • Applying for any required council approvals
  • Coordinating with the lender and real estate agent
  • Managing the settlement process
  • Participating in the settlement and exchanging keys

What distinguishes a Conveyancer from a Lawyer is primarily their legal expertise and the extent to which they can guide and advise clients in property-related matters. The fundamental contrast between conveyancers and solicitors (or lawyers) lies in their ability to handle legal issues and provide advice in property transactions. When legal questions or disputes arise, which is not uncommon in conveyancing matters, conveyancers have a limited scope to address these concerns. They are not qualified to offer legal counsel or create legal documents that go beyond the scope of a Contract of Sale.

The disparities become particularly evident when problems surface. For conveyancers, when such issues arise, they may not be able to address them comprehensively due to their restricted scope of practice, leading to the necessity of involving a lawyer for additional opinions. This can result in added time and expenses. Moreover, the other party might exploit your situation, knowing that asserting your rights would require seeking legal advice and engaging a lawyer. This often leads to concessions or compromises due to the extra effort and cost involved in obtaining another opinion.

In contrast, when legal issues arise during conveyancing matters under the supervision of a lawyer, they possess the capacity to provide swift and thorough guidance without the need to transfer your case elsewhere. This translates into significant savings in terms of both time and expenses.

The unpredictability of when and where these issues might surface should also be acknowledged, as some seemingly complex transactions can evolve into straightforward matters, and vice versa.

Another significant contrast is that lawyers usually have more experience in navigating intricate and challenging scenarios and resolving disputes. If they have substantial litigation experience, they are typically more adept at offering solutions and facilitating agreements among involved parties. The depth of their expertise can be highly valuable in demanding negotiations.

Given that buying a house constitutes one of life’s most significant investments, it is advantageous to have the best advice and expertise working in your favor rather than against your interests. Both conveyancers and lawyers hold licenses and accreditation, but lawyers or solicitors often boast greater experience and resources. It is important to note that conveyancers’ insurance coverage may not extend to instances where they offer advice beyond their limited scope, potentially exposing consumers to unwarranted risks.

The duration of a conveyance is influenced by factors like the property type, transaction complexity, and potential delays in searches or approvals. Typically, residential property conveyances in Queensland are completed within a 30-day timeframe, while commercial conveyancing may take longer.

A conveyancer’s role is to facilitate property sales or purchases, whether residential or commercial. They assist in preparing or reviewing sales contracts, conduct property searches to identify outstanding debts or encumbrances, coordinate building and pest inspections, and oversee the settlement and transfer process.

Engage a conveyancer’s services when involved in property transactions like buying, selling, both buying and selling a property, or transferring property titles

A competent property conveyancer possesses the necessary knowledge, experience, and qualifications for handling property transactions. Qualities to look for include:

  • Holding a current Practising Certificate from the Queensland Law Society
  • Years of experience in conveyancing and a deep understanding of Queensland property law
  • A strong track record and positive client feedback Additionally, a good rapport and effective communication throughout the process are vital.

In addition to the fundamental qualities of a conveyancer, consider the following when searching for legal assistance in conveyancing transactions:

  • Fixed-fee pricing: Many conveyancing solicitors offer a flat fee, making it easier to budget for the service.
  • Transparency in costs: Ensure all potential expenses are discussed upfront to avoid unexpected charges.

Opting for a licensed conveyancer offers several advantages, including:

  • Adherence to a strict code of conduct
  • Requirement to maintain insurance
  • Obligation to engage in ongoing professional development
  • Accountability through disciplinary actions for rule breaches
  • Maintenance of trust accounts.

Conveyancing fees refer to the charges associated with the legal services provided for property transactions, including buying or selling real estate. These fees typically cover a range of services, such as reviewing contracts, conducting property searches, preparing legal documents, attending settlement, and ensuring that all legal requirements are met throughout the process. Conveyancing fees can vary depending on factors like the complexity of the transaction, the location of the property, and the specific services offered by the conveyancer or solicitor. It’s essential to obtain a clear breakdown of these fees from your chosen conveyancer or solicitor to understand the cost involved in your property transaction.

  • Reviewing the contract of sale
  • Organising building and pest inspections
  • Applying for council approvals (if necessary)
  • Liaising with the lender and real estate agent
  • Coordinating settlement
  • Attending the settlement and exchanging keys

In addition to the fundamental qualities of a proficient conveyancer, there are additional aspects to be mindful of in the process, such as:

Transparent, Fixed-fee pricing: Many conveyancing solicitors offer a consistent, upfront fee structure, enabling you to plan your budget effectively.

No hidden costs: It’s essential to request comprehensive information about all possible expenses at the outset to avoid unexpected financial surprises in the later stages.