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Representing minors accused of criminal offences and advocating for their rights and best interests within the juvenile justice system.

Juvenile Crimes Lawyers Brisbane

At CG Legal, we understand the unique challenges and complexities involved in juvenile crimes cases and the impact they can have on young lives.

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Advocating for Minors within the Juvenile Justice System.

Under the jurisdiction of the juvenile justice system, our committed team of criminal defence attorneys specialises in representing juveniles who have been accused of committing criminal crimes. They do this by zealously advocating for the rights and interests of the kids. It is our mission to provide empathetic support, effective defence strategy, and professional negotiation with prosecutors in order to guarantee that individuals receive fair treatment and opportunities for rehabilitation.

Our Juvenile Crimes Defence Services:

  • Child-Centric Approach: We approach juvenile crimes cases with a child-centric perspective, recognising that minors need special consideration and protection within the legal system.

  • Age-Appropriate Defence: Our lawyers provide age-appropriate defence strategies, taking into account the developmental and emotional aspects of the minor’s situation.

  • Thorough Case Assessment: Our team conducts a meticulous assessment of the circumstances surrounding the alleged offence, striving to achieve the most favourable outcome for the minor.

  • Understanding and Empathy: We recognise the potential impact of juvenile crimes charges on young lives and their families. Our team provides compassionate support and guidance throughout the legal process.

  • Advocacy for Rehabilitation: We advocate for rehabilitation rather than punitive measures, striving to help minors learn from their mistakes and make positive changes in their lives.

  • Communication with Parents/Guardians: We maintain open and transparent communication with parents or guardians, ensuring they are informed and involved in the legal proceedings.

Understanding  Juvenile Crimes in Greenslopes, Brisbane, QLD

Welcome to CG Legal, your reliable source for Juvenile Crime Lawyers in Brisbane, Queensland. Navigating the nuances of juvenile criminal law can be challenging, and having the correct legal representation is essential. Our experienced Juvenile Crimes Lawyers in Brisbane are here to offer expert advice and unflinching support throughout this difficult time.

CG Legal understands the particular legal needs of Brisbane’s juvenile offenders and is committed to protecting their rights and futures. This website will offer you with essential information on juvenile crimes, your legal rights, and why hiring CG Legal for juvenile crime counsel can make all the difference.

Juvenile crimes in Brisbane include a wide range of offences committed by people under the age of 18. These violations may include theft, vandalism, drug charges, violence, and others. The Queensland legal system understands the unique nature of these situations, and the Youth Justice Act is critical in regulating the legal processes surrounding juvenile offences. It is critical to realise that juvenile offenders have special legal rights and safeguards, and CG Legal has extensive experience advocating for these rights.

The age range for juvenile offenders in Queensland is normally 10 to 17 years old, but there are variations depending on the nature of the conduct and the offender’s age at the time of the alleged crime. Our staff at CG Legal understands the legal complexities that arise, and we are dedicated to delivering good legal advice and representation that is tailored to the specific circumstances of each case. We strive relentlessly to ensure that the young people we serve have every chance at a better future.

Legal Rights for Juvenile Offenders

Juvenile offenders in Brisbane are granted specific legal rights and protections designed to safeguard their well-being and future prospects. Understanding these rights is paramount in the process of navigating the legal system. The Youth Justice Act outlines these rights, emphasizing the importance of rehabilitation and support for young offenders. CG Legal is well-versed in this legislation, ensuring that juvenile clients receive the full extent of these protections.

One critical aspect of the legal rights for juvenile offenders is the recognition of their vulnerability and the potential for rehabilitation. The focus is not solely on punitive measures but on providing opportunities for personal growth and reintegration into society. CG Legal is dedicated to upholding these principles and advocating for the best interests of our young clients.

We understand that facing juvenile criminal charges can be a stressful and uncertain experience for both the young individual and their families. Our team provides comprehensive legal guidance to help our clients and their families navigate the complex legal landscape, ensuring that their rights are protected and their futures remain as bright as possible. At CG Legal, we firmly believe in second chances and are committed to offering support that can make a meaningful difference in the lives of juvenile offenders.

Youth Justice and Juvenile Crime

Navigating the complex landscape of the criminal justice system can be a challenging task for adult defendants, let alone juvenile offenders. If your child is facing criminal charges and entering the youth justice system or the Children’s Court, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of their rights under Queensland law and the available options.

Juvenile or child defendants and offenders are subject to the youth justice system, which is governed by the Youth Justice Act 1992 in Queensland. This legislation outlines the guiding principles, legal procedures, potential penalties, and sentencing options for young individuals facing criminal charges. In Queensland, children under the age of 10 are not held criminally responsible for their actions, and they cannot be charged with criminal offences. For those between the ages of 10-14, the presumption of criminal responsibility is not automatic, but the Crown can rebut it if they can demonstrate the child knew their actions were wrong. However, for children aged 15 and above, they are deemed criminally responsible for their actions.

Until recently, 17-year-olds in Queensland were considered adults for legal purposes, but the law was amended in 2016 to classify them as juvenile offenders. This change aligns with the laws in the rest of Australia and came into effect in November 2017.

Although children aged 10 and older can face charges under the Criminal Code and other related legislation, the Youth Justice Act 1992 (Qld) sets out the specific principles, procedures, penalties, and sentencing options for juvenile offenders. Notable differences in how juvenile offenders are treated compared to adult offenders include:

  1. Presence of a Parent or Guardian: In juvenile cases, a parent or guardian is typically required to be present during legal proceedings.
  2. Lighter Penalties and Different Options: Penalties for juvenile offenders are generally less severe, and the available options differ from those for adult offenders.
  3. Shorter Custodial Sentences: The maximum durations for custodial sentences for juvenile offenders are considerably shorter.
  4. Detention Instead of Imprisonment: When custodial sentences are necessary, juveniles are sentenced to detention rather than imprisonment and are supervised by Youth Justice Services instead of Corrective Services.
  5. Two Specialized Courts: In Queensland, there are only two courts that handle juvenile offenders – the Children’s Court (Magistrates Court jurisdiction) and the Children’s Court of Queensland.

The Youth Justice Act provides several penalty options for police officers and courts dealing with juvenile offenders, including taking no action, cautioning, restorative justice processes, drug diversion programs, reprimands, community service orders, fines, probation orders, and detention. The choice of penalty depends on the severity of the offence and the child’s age.

Facing a criminal offence at any stage in life can be highly stressful, and for children, it can be even more distressing. It’s imperative to provide your child with the best possible assistance during this challenging period. Please contact us to discuss how CG Legal can provide support and guidance for you and your child throughout the legal process. Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring that the rights and futures of juvenile offenders in Brisbane are protected and that they have the best chance for a brighter tomorrow.

Has Your Child Been Charged With an Offence Times.

If you or your child is facing criminal charges, it’s of utmost importance to seek legal advice promptly. When it comes to children involved in criminal offences, there are specific considerations and strict timeframes that can significantly impact the outcome of their case.

At CG Legal, we have extensive experience in dealing with the juvenile justice system and are committed to ensuring that your child’s rights are safeguarded throughout the legal process.

Expert Juvenile Crime Lawyers for Your Child's Defence in Greenslopes, Brisbane, QLD

Accusations of a crime involving your child can be an emotionally challenging time for your family. The youth criminal justice system can be intimidating, and as a parent, you naturally want the best possible outcome for your child. This is where our dedicated team of lawyers for youth justice and juvenile crime can make a difference.

We comprehend the unique challenges that juvenile criminal cases pose, and we possess the expertise to navigate the complexities of the juvenile justice system. Our commitment is to protect your child’s rights and ensure they receive fair and just treatment under the law.

Our primary goal is to secure the best possible outcome for your child. This can involve strategies such as having the charges dropped or reduced, engaging in negotiations for a plea bargain, or, when necessary, taking the case to trial. We are here to provide guidance and support to you and your child during this trying time and to assist you in making the best decisions for your family’s future.

Our experienced team at CG Legal understands that your child’s future is at stake, and we are dedicated to providing expert legal representation to secure the best possible outcome for your child’s juvenile criminal case.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Children’s Court is a specialised legal entity tasked with handling various legal matters involving children aged over 10 and under 18 years in Australia. The age of criminal responsibility is consistent across all states and territories in the country. However, the Children’s Court’s jurisdiction goes beyond just criminal cases; it also addresses several other important areas.

Criminal Offenses: The Children’s Court primarily deals with criminal offenses committed by children within the specified age range. These cases are subject to a distinct legal process that takes into account the unique circumstances of juvenile offenders.

Traffic Cases: The court handles traffic cases in situations where the defendant is not of legal age to hold a driver’s license or permit. This includes addressing traffic violations and related legal matters involving young individuals.

Apprehended Violence Orders (AVOs): The Children’s Court processes applications for Apprehended Violence Orders related to children. AVOs are legal orders aimed at protecting individuals from threats, violence, or harassment.

Compulsory Schooling Orders: In cases where a child or young person’s school attendance becomes a concern, the Children’s Court addresses applications for Compulsory Schooling Orders to ensure compliance with educational requirements.

Parole and Eligibility: The court also oversees breaches of parole and the eligibility of children and young people for release on parole. This is a critical aspect of the juvenile justice system that aims to facilitate rehabilitation and reintegration.

Additionally, the Children’s Court has jurisdiction over family law matters relating to children. These matters can encompass issues such as child custody, parenting arrangements, and family disputes. It’s important to note that CG Legal, as a specialist criminal defense law firm, does not handle family law cases. However, we can provide referrals to experienced lawyer who specialise in family law, ensuring that you receive comprehensive legal support for your specific needs.

The Children’s Court plays a vital role in safeguarding the rights and welfare of young individuals involved in a range of legal matters. Its specialised approach recognises the distinct needs of children and aims to provide fair and just resolutions while upholding the principles of justice and protection.

A juvenile crimes lawyer in Brisbane specialises in providing legal representation and guidance to young individuals facing criminal charges. They advocate for the rights of juvenile offenders and work to secure the best possible outcome for their cases.

Juvenile crimes lawyers in Brisbane typically represent individuals aged over 10 and under 18 years, as this is the age range for which the youth justice system applies across Australia.

The Children’s Court in Brisbane deals with various legal matters, including criminal offences, traffic cases, applications for Apprehended Violence Orders (AVOs) involving children, Compulsory Schooling Orders, breaches of parole, and issues related to family law matters concerning children.